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The Latest Laser Technology

At INKonHair Clinic we only provide the best treatments for our clients which is why we have invested in the very best, latest laser technology called PicoSecond which is FDA and CE approved. 

The difference between the Picosecond laser vs the traditional Nanosecond lasers is how fast it fires (SPEED).

The Picosecond laser fires at one trillionth of a second, and has a pulse width that is 100 times faster than that of the Nanosecond laser. 

The higher pulse rate of the Pico laser simply  shatters the targeted ink or pigmentation into tiny particles that are easily eliminated from the body without causing injury to the surrounding tissue. 

Its like driving a high speed train into a wall rather than a mini, with the train smashing through the wall with ease and the mini having to take many attempts.