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New career or an upgrade to your PMU/Tattoo/Beauty Portfolio

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the fastest growing hair loss treatment in the world and NOW is the best time to learn this amazing skill and to join the industry. 

What better place to learn than within a successful and world renowned INKonHair clinic with a talented & experienced SMP artist Tom May who is also a qualified vocational teacher, WIN WIN. 

Men and Women across the world are having life changing results from this non surgical, fast and affordable treatment, with some training and hard work you could be changing lives every day and working towards financial freedom. 

Accredited Training courses- next course 11-14 Feb 2020

Training Scheme structure



To make the best use of time and to provide the most engaging  hands-on course, beginners will be required to take pre-course online learning which is up to 5hrs, You will be provided with an access password so you can carry out the training around you, logging in and out and saving as required.   

The online modules will cover

  • health & safety
  • Facial/Scalp anatomy
  • clinical hygiene
  • contraindications.

Beginner & Advanced

Both courses have been structured to be as hands-on and practical as possible as most people learn best this way, especially for Scalp Micro Pigmentation. 

However this course is one of the few that are accredited to NVQ L4, this is the highest level accreditation available for SMP practitioners so far.

All trainees will be required to demonstrate their skills learnt in practical exercises throughout the training. A client case study  is also required which can be completed during & after the course. 


Course Learning Modules

* Room setup, hygiene and clean-down.
* Equipment and scalp pigment fundamentals.
* Anatomy and physiology
* Health and safety
* Planning a procedure over multiple sessions.
* The consultation process

* Creation of three amazing hairlines & side profiles 

* Shade selection & match
* The critical depth factor.
* Creation of density / dot spacing.
* Blending with existing hair.

* 3D SMP
* Treatment completion.

* Treatment Pricing
* Taking great photos to showcase your work.

Payment Plans Available