Passionate about helping people with hair loss


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INKonHair Clinic has helped hundreds of men and women to overcome the effects of hair loss.

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INKonHair Clinic

INKonHair clinic is a specialist private scalp micropigmentation clinic based in the bustling Cities of Bristol & Harley Street London, providing the very best SMP services, also known as a Medical Hair Tattoo. 


Scalp MicroPigmentation is the latest non-surgical hair loss solution, tattooing tiny impressions onto the scalp that gives the appearance of hair follicles.

From slight changes to full-head overhauls, you can achieve it all with SMP. 

This non-invasive procedure has changed the lives of hundreds of men and women across the UK & EU, by changing the way they look in the mirror.

I am Passionate about helping people with hair loss

All SMP treatments in Bristol are personal, confidential and come with a 1-year guarantee 

Treatments for Men & Women

SMP is a great treatment for:

- Thinning hair

-  A receding hairline 

- Alopecia

- Male Pattern Baldness

- Scare camouflage 

- Before and after a hair transplant 

The perfect hairline every time

Immediate & natural looking results from the 1st session 

SMP is Permanent 

Its non surgical 

Its Affordable 

Say goodbye to hair loss in 3 easy steps

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2. The Treatment


  • Immediate life changing results from the 1st session
  • 1st to final session in 6-weeks  
  • flexible times to fit in with you

3. Goodbye Hair Loss


  • A new hairline 
  • A new look 
  • No hair loss worries
  • Guaranteed life changing results 

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