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The Treatment


At INKonHair Clinic I provide Scalp Micro Pigmentation or Medical Hair Tattoo/Hair Replication

By using a cosmetic tattoo technique, I can replicate hair follicles where your hair is thin or even completely gone.

The treatment will  provide a natural looking result of the timeless shaved head or BUZZ CUT look. 

The treatment is suitable for men and women and although the minimal age is 18Yrs, there is no upper limit with many people over 50 having treatment done.

Advice & Guidance

Prior to any treatment, I provide a comprehensive, free consultation with honest advice and guidance on hair loss solutions & to help you decide if the treatment is a good fit.

If Scalp Micro Pigmentation is not a good fit, I will happily provide advice on other treatments available and even a referral. 


The medical grade colour pigments used are the best within the SMP world, I will provide the most natural looking shade to suite your hair and skin type. A specialist German engineered SMP machine is used for the treatment which is the very best in the industry.   

Types of Treatment

Receding Hairline


A receding hairline can be easily restored  with SMP treatment with immediate results from the first session.

A natural look is always the best, I will work with you to find the perfect hairline for your face, head shape, and age. 

Bolding of the Crown


Lots of men suffer form pattern baldness and Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an easy fix, providing the perfect camouflage. 

You will be able to leave after the very first session with the balding area looking more dense and less noticeable. 

No Hair - Complete Baldness


This treatment will not only provide the illusion of a full head of hair in a shaved or BUZZ CUT look, you will also regain your hairline which will transform your features, knocking years off your appearance. 

This transformation will be effective from the very first session. 

Scare Camouflage


If you have had a STRIP, FUT or FUE hair transplant and are unhappy with the  appearance of your surgical scare, SMP can have positive results with up to an 85% reduction in the appearance of the scare after three treatments. 

It is possible to treat some non-surgical scares too.

Density for Thinning Hair


By perfectly replicating your own natural hair follicles and hair shade, SMP can help add the illusion of density to thinning areas, for the appearance of thicker, stronger, hair for MEN & WOMEN.

SMP can be a great fix for a hair transplant where the hair is just not dense enough and you can see the scalp through the transplanted hairs. 

Alopecia area treatments

Alopecia can effect many people and have disastrous effects on self confidence. SMP can be very effective in reducing the appearance of  these patches from the very first session. 

Treatment Stages

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is completed over three seperate stages

1st Treatment (Create)


Treatment time 3 - 4 hours 

Minimum 10 days between 1st - 2nd Treatment

  • Hair line design, structure
  • Skin test & colour/shade match
  • low density SMP blend 

2nd Treatment (Develop)


  Treatment time 3-4 hours 

Minimum 2-weeks between 2nd - 3rd Treatment 

  • Check shade for fading and adjust
  • Structure correction (if required)
  • High density and mid SMP blend 

3rd Treatment (Perfect)


Treatment time 3-4 hours 

Add the final touches for perfection  

  • low density run through and low SMP blend
  • Post-care plan